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"We would like to thank the fitter (Paul Chamberlain) and everyone at RoadPro for the very successful installation of the Kathrein CAP 910 this month. No more huge dish and stand in the motorhome.

The service we received was superb and we would happily recommend RoadPro."

Valerie & Julian

"Just to thank you for a great job on our motorhome. We are off to Cromer on Sunday for a week."


Client Reviews

"I would like to congratulate you for the Professional and knowledgeable team you have working for you.

At the Caravan and Boat show I ordered a Camos dome to be fitted by your, in my opinion, excellent fitter Paul, who not only made a very 1st class job of fitting the dome, but also persuaded me to upgrade on the set top box.

I have recently had trouble with getting a signal through the the dome, and whilst touring in France for the past two and a half weeks became somewhat frustrated not being able to use £1400 worth of Satellite, I phoned your office and asked for help from Ollie, who was at the very least, most helpful with my plight, firstly explaining Astra 2 south problems then talking me through the co-ordinates to receive Astra2 north. Ollie did this with an outstanding depth of knowledge, very precise and patient with me while I keyed in the co-ordinates. I trust you will pass on my most sincere thanks to Ollie and all your most professional staff for their help in the past. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the future."
Clive Ward

"I bought a Camos satellite system from you last year. I have now had it over 6 months and have had no problems with it. The service I received was excellent. The fitter Paul was brilliant and did a fantastic job. Thank you."
Colin Worthington

How would you rate the quality of the installation work?
"The fitting took about 3 hours because Paul took the time to discuss with me the best place to fit it and the monitor. To be honest you wouldn’t know that it wasn’t a factory fitting. The oven was removed and all the wiring is hidden behind the panels. All the waste was removed from the van and he even hoovered up after the work was finished."